Mixer, Party and Group Israeli and Folk Dance Videos

These are good dances to do at parties and other group functions. You can get everyone up and dancing quickly. No matter how easy the dance is. Even experienced dancers have fun. Social and folk dance mixers video playlist.

DanceChoreographerProviderNotesYearTeaching Only
Bird (Chicken) Dance UWL   
Korobushka Folkdance Noa-am   
Korobushka Cursillo Pildesti   
Korobushka Goûter de Noel2008  
Korobushka Harmonikando en Castellgali2008  
Korobushka Roy Butler   
Korobushka Slavic Group at Brown University2008  
Korobushka Ülo Saaremõts   
Korobushka Wedding dance   
La Bastringue UWL   
Lordags Waltz Swedish dance group   
Nigun Atik UWL   
Teton Mountain Stomp     
Teton Mountain Stomp Folkdance Noa-am   
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