Israeli Dance Energy - 051228

Whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours ~ Swedish Proverb
Dance more ~ Israeli Dance Proverb, Andrew Weitzen

After attending Machol Miami 2005, and participating in the dance frenzy taking place at 4 am on the last night of camp, I just had to comment.

Israeli dancing is hard to beat for the sheer joy of dancing.

To describe the scene, we dance for hours, and then days, and the more we dance, the less tired we get.

With a surprise personal visit, from one of Israel's most popular, young and charismatic singers, we dance in a circle, to live music, with the singer in the center.

From the the sheer, almost reckless, abandonment of personal reserve, to the wild energy of leaping and spinning dancers, to heart tugging melodies with serene movements, to beautifully coordinated and romantic partner dances, Israeli dancing and the wonderful music, keeps hitting us from all angles.

Above all, it is the people, their enthusiasm, their energy, their camaraderie, their love, and their great attitude that makes this such a special experience.

By Andrew Weitzen 12/28/2005

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