Israeli and Jewish Culture - 060427

King David leaping and dancing before the Lord. ~ Samuel 6:16

How old is Israeli Dancing? Last Shabbat we read from the Book of Samuel, in chapter 6, verse 16:

"And saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord".

David lived about 2,900 years ago. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dancing, but his wife was not too pleased. She thought it was undignified. He was nearabouts naked after all.

When I started Israeli Dancing, one of the things I liked was the atmosphere of Israeli and Jewish culture.

Often the teachers taught partly or wholly in Hebrew. Many people spoke Hebrew to one another. People greeted you with "Ma shlomcha," and said good bye with, "Lehitriot".

Jewish traditions filled the air, holidays were celebrated, the coming and going of Shabbat was meaningful, and the sense of mitzvot, Jewish values and customs was always present.

Having been raised in an American household, with American culture, being around the Israeli Dance community was a great way for me to learn, experience and bring Jewish culture into my life.

In our class and in these newsletters, I try to fill our atmosphere with as much Jewish culture as I am able, and encourage others to do the same. This is to give all of us, a Jewish experience, and to bring a little bit of Israel into our lives for a short period of time.

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