We Know What Feels Right Through Experience - 060622

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. ~ Chinese Proverb

We learn more when we are wrong than when we are right. ~ Andrew Weitzen

My mother and my nephew Josh were arguing over a rule in Canasta (a card game).

Josh, with the little super computer he has in his head, figured out what the rule was on his own.

My mother has played Canasta her whole life, not with any regularity, but she has played with plenty of people.

My mom asked me to read the rule to settle the dispute, but the rule was not clear.

My mother has to be right. She more than remembers. From playing enough, she knows what feels right.

Dancing is like that a lot.

My dad used to teach me life lessons, and I like to do the same for Josh. So, I pointed out to Josh, "when you disagree with someone, and they have done something many times with lots of other people, and you have not, there is a good chance they are right."

"Makes sense," Josh said. He is a smart kid.

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