Israeli Dancing

Israeli Dancing is among the most contemporary and varied dancing, with great music from around the world, most either originally or remade in Hebrew. Israeli Dancing includes music from Israel, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Iran, India, Ireland, the Americas, Spain, France, Yemen, Egypt and elsewhere.

Dances are both new and old, with over 4,000 dances, the first from the 1920s, and new dances each week. Styles of dance come from all over, including Latin, Arabic, Turkish, Balkan, American, Tango, Waltz and many others.

There are line, circle and partner dances, with each song having its own unique choreography.

Groups are all over the world. From Alaska to Australia, South America to Europe to Korea, with of course the largest in Israel.

Israeli Partner dancing is among the most interesting and energetic of all partner dances.

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