Set #1 Israeli Circle Dance Videos

This is our beginner set.

We categorize all dances as slow, medium or fast and play the dances in a sequence of slow, medium, medium, fast, so that for each set of four dances, the energy picks up and after a fast dance, there is a slow dance to rest.

We have two versions of this set: a long version that lasts 51 minutes and a short version that last 34 minutes.

For the short version, we cut the dances, to about two times through, preserving the introduction and ending of each dance.

Nigun (Zemer) Atik Hageulah   
Yevarechecha Fremont Folk Dance   
Klezmer (Aveinu Shalom Aleichem) Snunit Warsaw   
Al Kanfei HakesefMoti ElfasiOhad Atia  teaching
Al Kanfei HakesefMoti ElfasiRokdim  teaching
Eretz Eretz Ohad Atia  teaching
Eretz Eretz Markidim   
Tzadik Katamar The Carentan   
Lo Ahavti Dai Israeli Dancing at Berkeley   
Lo Ahavti Dai Leoszp   
Lech Lamidbar Bonding Folk Dance ClassOur version, from Freb Berk's book Ha-Rikud  
Lech Lamidbar Officina FolkNot our version  
Lech Lamidbar The CarentanNot our version  
Ma Navu Smile Dance   
Hora Habika Bonding Folk Dance Class   
Haroah Haktana Bonding Folk Dance Class   
Haroah Haktana Kleine Herderin   
Haroah Haktana Roy Is Dancing   
Haroah Haktana Sarah Tuvia   
Haroah Haktana Schneeweis PeterNot exactly how we do it  
Hora Agadati The Carentan   
Hora Agadati Ohad Atia  teaching
Tsur ChasidiYankele Levy No video  
Hora Chadera Burnaby Folk Dancers   
Hora Chadera Markidim   
Hora Or Barcelona, Venezuela   
Yedid Nefesh Ohad Atia  teaching
Yedid Nefesh Omri   
Harmonika Riku219   
Mayim Mayim HageulahThis is how we do it  
Mayim Mayim Ohad AtiaNot exactly how we do it teaching
Hora Medura Riku219   
Hinei Ma Tov Broederliefde   
Sulam Yaacov Ohad Atia  teaching
Sulam Yaacov Si Dancing   
Od Yishama Riku219   
Od Yishama Ohad Atia  teaching
Od Yishama Sarah Tuvia   
Kuma Echa The Carentan   
Korim Lanu Lalechet Ulpan Rikudeiam   
Kvar Acharey Chatzot Bonding Folk Dance ClassNot how we do it  
Kvar Acharey Chatzot Kolo KoalitionThis is how we do it  
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