Follow the Leader, Simon Says, and King of the Hill - 5/17/2007

Nothing is so contagious as example, and our every really good or bad action inspires a similar one. ~ Fran├žois duc de La Rochefoucauld
Not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow. ~ Chinese proverb

At the dance Saturday, a few women asked me, "What are we doing?"

My answer was the same each time, "I am leading and you are following."

As long as I danced my part well, the women followed well.

Dancing my part well mainly meant keeping a good posture. When I kept my head over my body and maintained my balance, the women easily followed.

In the past, I used to lead by directing the woman where to go, but I do not do that anymore. Now, I just dance my part and let her figure out what to do. The surprising thing is how well this works.

People must have a natural ability to mimic other people. Every child can play "Follow the Leader".

Our efforts to help create more problems. When we try to physically guide people or tell them what to do, we throw them off balance and take their concentration away from following. Then they have to play "Follow the Leader", "Simon Says" and "King of the Hill" all at the same time. When you see people overwhelmed, this is why.

Leave them be, and they will absorb things at their own pace.

The best way to help other people, is to do our part well and be a good example.

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