Get Up and Go Dance - 5/24/2007

Get up and go dance. ~ Sheldon Weitzen, my Dad

At social functions, my Dad used to make me get up and participate. Whatever thing was happening, he would say something to me like, "Hey, get up and go dance," or whatever it was.

I would try to hide, because I was embarrassed. I would want to wait until I saw a lot of other people doing the thing, but my Dad would make me be the first one out there.

He would say to me, "This is your job. You have to help out the people who are organizing this thing. When other people see you up there, they will join in."

Even though I am a troublemaker, I usually did what my Dad told me, because he usually made sense.

Thanks to all of you who learned the same thing and for your support at all the dance events in the community.

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